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Welcome to Southern Cross Colour Studios

Before choosing a photographer for your Pre School, School, Sports Club Team photos please consider an alternative, which offers both savings to your parents and considerable extra benefits to your Pre School, School or Sports Club. We here at Southern Cross Colour Studios believe that we have some of the best value for money photo packages on offer today. Southern Cross Colour Studios photographers are professional and friendly with many year of experience in all levels of photography; this ensures minimal disruption to your Pre Schools, Schools or Sports Clubs day.

Southern Cross Colour Studios has its own professional photographic laboratory and custom picture framing department which allows us to produce all products offered in house, ensuring better service, higher quality and faster delivery times. Southern Cross Colour Studios is proudly Australian owned and run for over 30 years.


Here are a few reasons to choose Southern Cross Colour Studios as your School photographer, Pre School photographer or Sports photographer:


Our Guarantee

Full 100% money back guarantees when the full package is returned or a reshoot of the child if your parents are not satisfied with their child’s photographs.
We also offer your School, Pre School or Sports Club a 28 day turnaround time after name proofing.


Commissions are paid on all portrait packages sold.

Our Pre-Paid System

Our pre-paid system ensures no money handling is required by you. We supply the printed envelopes and display posters three to four weeks before your School photos, Pre School photos, Sports photos or Family portrait fundraising weekend are to be taken.

Complimentary Photographs

We supply a range of complimentary items to your School, Pre School or Sports Club.